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Mike is a member of the Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors and the Wisconsin Association of Foundation Repair Professionals, and has spoken to dozens of professional groups throughout Wisconsin.

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Contractor Quiz: (true or false?)

  1. An independent inspector is more likely to provide an unbiased opinion than a repair contractor.
  2. It is required in most municipalities to get a permit before structural repairs or waterproofing is done.
  3. It is illegal in most municipalities to reinforce bowed walls with rods and concrete.
  4. Municipalities do approve other methods to reinforce some bowed walls.
  5. You'll pay less in the long run with an independent basement inspection.

See answers below.

Reasons to hire an independent inspector:

An independent inspector with no contractor affiliation means that your inspection may cost a little more than a contractor's inspection, but the independent inspector does not need to find a problem with your basement in order to make a living - so who can you trust?

Make sure the independent inspector does not work for or operate a foundation repair company!

Hire an independent inspector because:

  1. Many basements require only grading changes.
  2. Many cracked walls do not require immediate reinforcing or excavation.
  3. An inspector does not need to keep a repair crew and equipment busy.
  4. An inspector can tell you what fair and reasonable prices should be.
  5. An inspector can help plan the least costly appropriate repair.

Don't hire a contractor to inspect a basement because:

  1. They have men and equipment that they need to provide work for all year.
  2. Many use unusual methods that are not approved by local codes.
  3. They make money off repairs, not inspections.
  4. If you have one or two contractors bid on the job, how do you know the prices are fair?

  Keep your transaction together and offer buyers & sellers a choice that includes an independent basement inspection. Possible conflicts of interest are the reason why professional whole-house inspectors do not also fix homes as a service!


Quiz answers: 1) True, 2) True, 3) True, 4) True, 5) True.


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